It’s impossible your head tells you. There is just too much to do, everything is a mess and all hope seems to be lost.

But still….. Don’t you have at least a bit of faith? A tiny seed.

Inside there is a plan, hope and a dream of great possibilities, within a small seed of faith resides all the Power of God. Plant the seed, water it carefully, lovingly, then let God take control.

Life eternal begins today, start living it now. Then join others living in the Spirit, each one giving all through a grain of faith. Countless mountains, moving across nations, building up the glorious Kingdom of God.

We are Thelma Oosthuizen and Didi Serfontein, mom and daughter team from the town of Stillbay on the Garden Route. With a background in retail spanning twenty years, we learnt that passion and willingness are essential to be succesful in business. We put our souls, creativity and love into everything we do and live by “Love what you do and do what you love.”


“Passion is the key that opens the door to joy and abundance” – David Cuschieri.


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